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There are some words, just thrown out in the universe for anyone to pick. You are probably the only witness to the exact minute they are out and they coincide with what you had been struggling to come to terms in all those hours that went by. Those words punch into your solar plexus, leaving you gasping for breath. You want more air, more strength to withstand the impact, while you shiver with anticipation needing an end to the misery, if at all there is a cure. A feeble thought comes to your mind, they were meant for you and just you, always you. That feeling surpasses everything that held your composure, its so strong that for a minute you are ready to throw all caution to the wind, only just to own the words.

Except that time helps you pass through this feeling while your mind wins the battle with your heart with the first light of dawn. They are after all just words, it says.


And I mean what I say

Take Care“. 7 years ago. We parted our ways with the promise of meeting again the next day. He said “Take care and call me once you reach.” I held on to those first two words. During the entire 30 mins of my journey home, they kept ringing in my ears. I imagined an emotion a slight concern. Promptly I called back. I expected a more enthusiastic reply and not, ” Oh you did reach? Good. Wish you could join us guys. Take Care.” Huh? Take care again? Did I think right? Or was I completely wrong ? Those words did not mean what I wanted them to mean, or even meant universally, figuratively. They were used casually as a filler or a conversation stopper. The essence was killed. The relation lost its meaning. It was just that. Casual, As the speaker. 

 “Am here, not going any where, at least not tonight.” Now mind you, these words were uttered in a separate scenario, with a completely different context. And if I were to imagine them giving them a new meaning, I hear a soft deep passionate voice. An assurance. A commitment. A promise. A feeling as if you are cocooned in a blanket and held on tightly. Its cold and raining outside, but you feel warm and dry deep down your soul. The silence in the space is filled with a sign of life. You are not alone. Never alone.

“…not going any where, at least not tonight.” How I long to hear these any day. With the same passion and intensity I have imagined them to be. With the promise of being there, in the present, at your disposal.

power of words. make a promise, keep your word, mean what you say.