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A decade and more

10 years 7 months.

This is the longest I have stayed with anyone in my entire life! Go figure! (Feel free to read meaning into it).

Couple of days ago, I bid adieu to my colleagues and my day job. I carried home all fond memories which included all the exe’s and current. Getting footloose at annual parties, binge drinking with fellow partners in crime on sea-shore, realisation of the fact that I will not field in any cricket match ever, gossip-chat-discussion-laughter friends, indulging in short sweet tooth craving outings, travel dumb charades buddies, exhilaration after trekking 1440 ft height fort (leaves me gasping for breath even now), the  brainstorming during presales projects, faith of my junior team members, opportunities bestowed by the now global HR, friends from IT who were an SOS call away, humbling CSR activities, fulfilling creative pursuit workshops.

This last one though had the rest of the organisation going green with envy. Just a few of us folks were the chosen ones for this workshop. We got 3 weekends to destinations far from the city, clicking photographs, dancing around campfire, star gazing on dark nights, with all expenses paid. Well, but this was the general slightly exaggerated impression and we all let them believe. In reality, it was a lot of hard work for long hours, multiple assignments and introspection not for the faint hearted!

Now that I am not billable for some time, I returned to my half read book. Below is a quote from it-Mirza Ghalib A biographical scenario.

Hazaron khwahishen aesi , ke har khwahishen pe dam nikle

Bhut nikle mere arman, lekin phir bhi kam nikle.

Posting some pics with us all, the people who matter to me from this past decade long journey. Even if you are not in the pics, you are fondly remembered. Please know that!


Party-We celebrate and how! 


Honoured- Only pic sharing same frame with The global HR


We indulge- Food, desserts…weight! whose watching?


CPW Workshops-In pursuit of happiness?!


Trek-Climb every mountain, ford every stream…


The morning after-Still fresh, coz we didn’t sleep


Popcorn time-In support of regional movies and a dear friend


We won-The only match I played in


Honeymoon woes

Travel plans, bookings, surfing the internet for best hotel deals and there it comes up on the page! Honeymoon packages!

Sigh…..! A long sigh at that…sigh! I always wondered what it actually does feel like when you are on a honeymoon. No. Forget the what you do, rather don’t do, (tongue in cheek), but my curiosity lies more in, what you do get when on your honeymoon, in the honeymoon package (well I did say “package” above didn’t I?) I wouldn’t know, guess why? That’s because, I have never been on a honeymoon! Ah! Never mind, don’t get me started.

Well bygones be bygones. I wonder every time when I look at the pictures the hotels put up, how would I actually react on seeing a pair of swan shaped towel, in the center of the bed, with rose petals on the sheet, and his and her bath robes with matching slip-ons. For one I do know, I would hate to spoil the creative work but wonder where to rest my tired self if not on the bed. Any ideas? Maybe these guys need a lesson in usability (oops…sorry call it occupational hazard).

It really tickles me when I see elaborate towel art with ribbons, confetti, petals and all the works. Hell! it will take the honeymooner’s another hour to clean that sheet and turn down the bed, before calling it a night. OR well they could use the couch! Ouch! So much for spending a few thousands more for the honeymoon package.
What comes inclusive and interestingly is the spa for two. But then, aren’t you supposed to close your eyes, and feel the masseur kneed out the tension from your muscles? Or do the lovebirds gaze in each other’s eyes and connect with each other by sending out vibes? Wouldn’t it be better if they just have a regular package and relax their separate ways and come in rejuvenated? How else would you sell a honeymoon package then. Silly me.

But I am all for the goodies. The wine, chocolates, cake that would make me feel pampered. But now when I think of it more, its already paid and included in the package. Isn’t it?

I need to stop right here! I have just averted myself from ever taking up a honeymoon package and putting it under my “things I should do once before I die list”. Better pack my backpack and have my options open for dorm rooms.

Sigh…! No honeymoon for me. Sniff…sniff..

Travel Companions

I glide through the fragrant earth, unending fluorescent green streaks contouring the pathways, drape myself in this finery, to walk towards thee. We are here together, on the edge, looking beyond the velvety valley and the pristine cerulean sky.
My adulation is unearthed, like dewdrops glistening in the tangerine rays, you deserving of the pedestal where I see you. My eyes seek the promise, which our hearts have known all through. The path is as clear as the small rivulet glistening over the gravel as we choose to be companions.

We walk together to another town and capture the diversity and humility of the inhabitants, as per our sensitivity, guiding each other but not obstructing, separate but within hearing range, performing and accomplishing the same goals. The end of the day we meet satisfied we lived our dreams accompanied by our sensibilities and desires.
My fascination towards you stays intact more so as we stop to sense, smell, taste and breathe the same air, sharing the same space.

We travel again to journeys beyond, take the path lesser known, to explore, experience, live another life, than the one we have known.