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I wonder if  nicotine withdrawal symptoms appear after you have quit successfully for more 5 months. Coz what I am going through now, sure does feel like that and much more. I am trying to rack my memory for how I handled tough times “before” the addiction. Sigh! Sorry low bandwidth it says.

Probably it is THE season. I know  handful of people who are in this same zone. The do-not-rub-it-in-else-I-will-strangle-you-for-any-thing-which-may-or-may-not-be-your-fault. If at all there is a zone. Retail therapy-tried. burned a hole in my pocket. Self pep up talks-tried. saw more of myself in the mirror. Friend suggested Vipassana. I know I will run away from there, or flood the entire centre with tears (heard that is what people do while they are at that). This weekend is friend+happy hours therapy. If this does not work! I dunno what will.

But then I always say, this too shall pass {and like how many years ago did you say that? asks the devil in my voice} shift-alt-del the voice. Fight I shall! Or as gaizabonts says I’d Like to be Monk Someday.