Destiny’s Child

Funny I find myself writing about this when just three weeks ago I posted about being in love. Where am I ? Where do I want to be? Do I have it in me to take this forward? I have an answer to the last question. Yes I can take it forward, provided I know where I stand and my basic needs of stability and security, (read emotional) are met.

May be if I work at it from backwards I would know where I am better. I picture myself in a happy, contented state of mind, doing what I want to do and sharing all that I have with my loved ones. I travel, I laugh, I share my anxieties, I love in abundance and in return am loved, I feel wanted and desired. I paint, I build, I create, I nurture and I heal. I have company, I have my friends, I make new friends. I am not questioned; am supported I make my own rules. I am radiant and I pass it on to whoever I hold dear. I am humble. I will water this thought daily. It will blossom into something more beautiful which will put my imagination to shame. Yes I know for now I am loved and I have so much to offer freely. A divine power will bring me to it wherever I am meant to be.

Now is not the time for wishes. I have what I wished for and to have something more will manifest through my dreams.



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