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Destiny’s Child

Funny I find myself writing about this when just three weeks ago I posted about being in love. Where am I ? Where do I want to be? Do I have it in me to take this forward? I have an answer to the last question. Yes I can take it forward, provided I know where I stand and my basic needs of stability and security, (read emotional) are met.

May be if I work at it from backwards I would know where I am better. I picture myself in a happy, contented state of mind, doing what I want to do and sharing all that I have with my loved ones. I travel, I laugh, I share my anxieties, I love in abundance and in return am loved, I feel wanted and desired. I paint, I build, I create, I nurture and I heal. I have company, I have my friends, I make new friends. I am not questioned; am supported I make my own rules. I am radiant and I pass it on to whoever I hold dear. I am humble. I will water this thought daily. It will blossom into something more beautiful which will put my imagination to shame. Yes I know for now I am loved and I have so much to offer freely. A divine power will bring me to it wherever I am meant to be.

Now is not the time for wishes. I have what I wished for and to have something more will manifest through my dreams.



Of Love

Sometimes more than being in love, the thought of falling in love is refreshing. I find myself transported to another world, while experiencing the vividness in emotions, ghazal’s manage to evoke.

As the simplicity and fragrance as in these verses:

Aapakaa Saath-Saath Phoolon Ka
Your presence is like flowers in blossom.
Aapaki Baat, Baat Phoolon Ki
Your voice carries the purity and delicacy of the flowers
Phir Chhidi Raat, Baat Phoolon Ki
Tonight we gently drift deliberately towards expressing the flowers
Raat Hai Yaa Baaraat Phoolon Ki
Tonight seems as if we are involved in procession of flowers

OR the sincerity and profound yearning of the admirer:

Saamane aa ke jara parda utha de rukh se
Come and unveil yourself before me
Ik yahi mera ilaaje game tanhayi hai
which is the only cure to my solitude
Teri furkat ne pareshaan kiya hai mujhko
I am in anguish in your absence
Abb toh mil ja ke meri jaan pe ban aayi hai
Oh please come now for it’s a matter of my life and death

How will anyone refuse to acknowledge or reciprocate, when the yearning for her love, in the wake of separation is so passionate?

Another classic form of the emotional condition is from here. You have no control over your memories and thoughts towards your beloved:

surkh phulon se mahak uthati hain dil ki rahen
Ruby red flowers pave a path to my heart
din dhale yun teri aawaz bulaati hai hamen
at dusk your voice calls out to me
yaad teri kabhi dastak kabhi saragoshi se
The memory of you sometimes knocks loudly, sometimes whispers
raat ke pichhale prahar roz jagaati hai hamen
every day, I am awakened when the night reaches its last watch, in your thoughts.

I may not do justice to the entire ghazal by picking out a few verses, but that is the beauty of a ghazal. It retains its sense even if removed or detached from the poem.

You can listen to the whole experience here, in that order.
Phir Chhidi Raat Baat Phoolon Ki – Talat Aziz, Lata Mangeshkar
Mere Mehboob – Mohamed Rafi
Zindagi Jab Bhi Teri Bazm Mein – Talat Aziz