Monthly Archives: February 2013



Early sunday morning. ringggg…ringggggg…ringgg

Helloooo! Basking in glory! What are you up to?
Feigning innocence “Nothing”
“Ah Nothing. Don’t I know you better!” Giggles and some more giggles later, the conversation ends.

The day begins. Smile on face knowing you have someone to watch your back… always!

Best Friends. A blessing!


First time

Whew! I am almost there. All preparations are complete. Let me see…Profile check. Theme check. Settings check. Title check. I choose this number, the tenth, the date I was born, to unveil.

I am so excited and anxious at the same time. I cross over the threshold with this post into an unknown territory, with stars in my eyes. I wonder if the same is experienced by all newbie’s.

Yeah! yeah! I missed updating About Me. Well am here now and I will share more. After all this IS my first time… let me wander around a bit. 🙂